A Service Recovery Tool And As A Part Of The Assessment And Care Planning Process

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1. Discuss the benefits of the family meetings both from a service recovery tool and as a part of the assessment and care planning process? a. The benefits of the family meetings both from a service recovery tool and as a part of the assessment and care planning process help to gathered information from the resident and family, the data is reviewed by Medical Director, Administrator, and Care Manager. Some residents needs may be straight forward requiring a few hours of Care Management only, or needs information about a resident from all available source from residents family, or a guardian, may be extensive, determining resident physician, and scope of a resident problems and analyzed and focused into problem areas that help in determining when the goals have been achieved and can help the resident and the family plan proactively in deciding what the next steps will be if there is a decline in the client 's level of functioning. Identifying problem areas enables the case manager to describe desired outcomes and recommend a package of services that will help the residents to achieve those outcomes. Care planning provides the family member one-on-one care, coaching, and assistance in the activities around the home, in the community and during recreation and pastimes. 2. How are healthcare organizations rewarded when they improve their patient, physician, and employee satisfaction? a. When healthcare organizations improve their patient, physician, and employee satisfaction, they rewarded by becoming an employer of choice. By improving the quality of healthcare organizations, gives us a chance to filter best of the best qualified prospective employee. Employees who are satisfied with their job treat customers and stakeholder better... ... middle of paper ... ...leaders on how to implement them from employees; how to say no to an idea without saying no to an employee, how to take an average idea and make it better, or help employees focus ideas on goals the organization needs to achieve. When bright idea programs are implemented then employee would focus on their goals and improve in communication that overall direction and plan of actions. Organization can review bright idea programs, reward and recognize employee for ideas and innovation that creates consistently communicate the importance of employee contributions. Training leaders how to review and respond to ideas is the underlying foundation for bright ideas initiative. Leader should learn to transform a reactive employee into a proactive, problem-solving employee and how to react to reject and accept ideas and communicate those decisions in an open and fair manner.
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