A Running Experience: The Experience Of Running

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A Running Experience It was another long day of track practice with even more pain in my right leg. I was not your typical fourteen year old girl this past spring. I have a passion for running and I would do anything to make myself a better runner. That includes running or working through pain when everyone told me to stop. I went to track practice with the high school team before middle school practice had even started. I ran everyday trying to get my body in shape for a great season. As I was trying to get through another workout, like usual, my teammates tried to tell me to stop running.
“Emma, you’re just going to make the pain worse,” said my teammate Abby. However, all that was going through my head during the time, was that if I
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I got to lightly start running to build up where I needed to be for the season. My first two weeks of running consisted of two minute runs and two minute walks. As I was getting back into the running I started noticing pain in my knee. I just figured that since I hadn’t used my legs for running in so long, my knee just wasn’t used to all the pounding yet. Of course I kept running on it because, like I said, I thought it was normal. I had a follow up MRI appointment for my leg to make sure that everything had healed up correctly before I started running cross country meets. My results came back the day after I got my MRI with another stress fracture in my upper tibia by my knee. The doctor said that I would need to be on crutches for four weeks and out for six to eight weeks, which meant probably the whole cross country season.
So, just to be safe, I started swimming again to hopefully be able to come back at the end of the cross country season. The six week mark will be exactly one week before the conference meet, and if everything goes well I might be able to run conference for the JV team! My goal is to run JV for conference, and then beat out a varsity time to run districts. At districts, my goal is to place top fifteen on varsity to make it to the state meet. This is, if everything heals correctly in the next couple of
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