A Rose For Emily Theme Essay

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In William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”, love, or the lack thereof, is a major theme. In her small southern town, Emily Grierson lives a lonely life, distant from all but a select few. Throughout the story, Emily appears to be empty of all emotion except for conviction; empty, yet determined. Perhaps she may be missing something, possibly the “rose” that was never mentioned in the story. The title of Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” presents the fact that Miss Emily never feels true love, and represents her desire to attain it. Throughout all of her youth, Miss Emily’s father is her only source of love, despite being relatively limited. Faulkner hints at this in the second section, when he comments that the
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In every section of Faulkner’s story, it is told from the point of view of the townspeople. They have almost an omnipresent perspective, yet the amount of knowledge that they lacked drove the town mad with gossip, negative gossip that is always tries to pity her. It is very possible that Emily knows about her negative connotation, and largely chooses to ignore it, such as when she ignores the people that call her, refuses to let people enter her home, and stays inside her house for nearly ten years. She does not feel loved by the people of the town, so she does not associate with them, yet through their constant mission to pity her, they spark her hunt for the favor of a man. Soon after her father dies, she begins to look outward for love for the first time. Since he passes away at the end of the second section, there is no one to ward off or influence her choice of men. She is most likely so fast to do this because even though she ignores or shuns the gossip of the town, she cannot ignore the presence it has among the people, and could be doing it not only to find a lover, but to change the town’s perspective on her. Not long into her search, she does find love, the new Yankee, Homer…show more content…
In her youth, her father excludes her from all of the young men that fancy her, and also drives away her only mentioned family members, which leaves her alone with her father, who was ultimately taken away from her as well. The townspeople surround her name with mystery and pity, which Emily seeks out to change once her father is gone. Once Homer Barron denies her a romantic relationship, she murders him so she can stay with him, but a dead body cannot love a person. Emily seeks love for her entire life, yet much against her efforts, she never knew what it was to truly feel
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