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“A Rose for Emily” takes place in Jefferson, Mississippi. The time span of the story of this troubled young woman’s life stretched over forty years, from 1875-1920. “A Rose for Emily” is a fictional story, like most of William Faulkner’s works. In A Rose for Emily, Emily represents the old south. Emily had many traditional beliefs. In my paper I will be writing about how the town reacted to her keeping her father’s body after he passed away, how the town reacted to Emily killing Homer, and if they thought she was guilty of murder or insane. William Faulkner uses “A Rose for Emily” to show how the south reacted to modern times. Body section 1 The day after Mr. Grierson’s death, the women of the town call on Emily to offer their condolences. Meeting them at the door, Emily would continue to say that her father was not dead; she continues to keep this up for three days. She finally, after ministers and doctors called on her turned her father’s body over for burial. As many would believe that she was completely insane for doing this, they people of Jefferson, Mississippi did not. They actually felt sorry for Emily, they believed that her father was controlling and would run anyone that came into Emily’s life off. Her friends believe the only reason why Emily kept the body of her father is because that was the only thing she had left to cling to. It was quite some time after her father’s death that the town sees Emily again realizing a long illness that she had suffered after her father’s death. Like many people when they get older they can start to get sick, but Emily’s illness could have come from grief from her father’s death, also it could have been old age as well. Body section 2 Jefferson, Mississippi had contracts to pave the... ... middle of paper ... ...ily knew what she was doing when she was purchasing arsenic; she knew she was going to poison Homer Barron. Emily knew there would be consequences to her actions, so she hid in her house for forty years after the fact she killed him. In personal belief, when everyone noticed that Homer had not been see after the last time entering Emily’s house, law should have stepped in and checked Emily’s home for anything that could lead them to Homer. Emily Grierson is guilty for the murder of Homer Barron. The People of Jefferson, Mississippi tried to use the excuse that Emily was just insane. If everyone in the town believed this then more actions should have been taken, and Emily should have been hospitalized for her problem. Emily should not have been able to live life freely if people knew that she could have been a danger to everyone else in Jefferson, Mississippi.

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