A Romantic Weekend Analysis

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Men vs. Women Richard Ford 's Rock Springs has a lot to do with family, although this family is very dysfunctional, I get the idea that this story is about a man who has made some mistakes in the past, but genuinely wants to ensure that his daughter and girlfriend have a better life and future in the state of Florida. Mary Gaitskill 's A Romantic Weekend is about two people a married man and a single woman who go away to this man 's grandmother 's apartment to have graphic sexual intercourse. I think a major problem with these characters is that they are extremely dysfunctional. The roles that the men and women play in these stories are very specific as well. They each have a very distinct personality that helps play a large role in the point of each story. In Rock Springs you meet Edna and Earl who have both gone through rough times Earl 's being that he has had run ins with the laws. Edna 's being that she has to deal with her crazy ex-husband Danny. Earl…show more content…
The man is conflicted and goes back and forth between “the picture of his wife and the original picture of blindfolded Beth” (Gaitskill 188) he can 't decide what he wants more but soon begins to think he could have the best of both worlds. The man is very dominant and really has one purpose for Beth and that is to have masochist relationship with her. However, Beth wants more she is fine with that relationship as long as she gets the love she wants out of it. Beth was afraid of this man at first and again I see that the woman does what the man wants to try and get what she wants. Beth at the beginning of the relationship with this man says, “I 'm afraid of you.” (Gaitskill 188) she is skeptical about the relationship she is about to have with this man and this is where a problem

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