A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Pepsico Campaign

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539 words

PepsiCo with almost a 3-minute commercial using Kendall Jenner as the silent communication source, using visual language with all ethnic and race being included using career choices such as a cellist, a photographer and dancer; a song written and sung by Skip Marley “Lions”; not to mention the men in blue was expected to be a hit advertisement by showing it was time to bring the world together as one. To be able to bring peace and understanding to every individual or let it be shown that all people count, not just one ethnic group or race. This advertisement was used to try to defuse the conflict of street protest and the violence that often comes with it, particularly the black lives matter movement. Showing the men in blue there to protect and serve; yet will do whatever it takes to control the ongoing issue at hand. The way Jenner being shown ditching a high fashion photo shoot ripping off her blonde wig, to join a protest and prance around with every nationality with a Pepsi in hand smiling as saying this is what will make the world a better place. The words in the music “we …show more content…

This company has made a grave mistake by releasing this commercial that will take some time to come back from, if ever. The communication of this ad should have clearly been thought out more. Clearly, using a white celebrity such as Kendall Jenner was not a good idea. Through -out the entire advertisement, it demonstrated the beauty and skill sets. Instead of using a white person to be the main source of the commercial, it would have been more received if using someone that clearly understood and made it clear what the black lives matter movement was all about. Being the CEO of the company, if trying to make a statement with so much controversy today, I would have made a team of different ethnic groups and joined together with ideas from each to make a great and a meaningful advertisement that would unite

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how pepsico's 3-minute commercial used kendall jenner as the silent communication source, using visual language with all ethnic and race being included.
  • Analyzes how pepsi and jenner took backlash over a controversial advertisement that was to bring everyone together. facebook, twitter, and other media outlets chimed by way of stating their disgust.
  • Analyzes how pepsi immediately pulled the commercial after realizing all the backlash they received from people all around the world. the ceo apologized to everyone that was offended and let it be known their true intentions for unity and peace.
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