A Review of Carson McCullers' Works

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Within Carson McCullers’ work such as the film The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (which is based off of the novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) and A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud, McCullers presents a similar dark toned type of theme in each of her pieces of literature, though it is common that McCullers has a similar theme throughout most of her novels and short stories according to the JSTOR article. The analogous theme in her pieces of writing is that the loss of love brings forth pain and sorrow; however it is not the other way around. This theme is easily depicted as in the film The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Singer and the old man from the short story A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud are both the dreaded victims of love.

Singer, the protagonist in the film The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, a deaf-mute middle aged man, goes through a lot of hardships during the film and ends his torment with suicide. In the film Singer has a special bond with Spiros, another deaf-mute person like Singer himself, and it is shown that Singer has a brotherly love for Spiros because both of them are alike each other ...
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