A Research Study On Stem Cell Research

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Throughout recent history there has been a wide variety of thoughts and emotions on the idea of stem cell research and the advancements that it could lead to in the field of science. Through this recent time there have been many people and religious organizations who have come out as advocates for the research while there has also been many that have come out against the use of these methods. Throughout history there have been a wide variety of deep and critical thinkers that have changed the way in which science and religion have been viewed. Throughout this paper two authors that have had large impacts on these ideas both Galileo Galilei and Werner Heisenberg will be discussed. Through the paper the text from Galileo’s famous work “Letter to the grand Duchess Christina” and Heisenberg’s “The Role of Modern Physics in the Present Development of Human Thinking” will be used to decide how each would view the use of stem cells for scientific research. Stem cell research is an extremely hot topic issue that is being discussed in the world for the present day. Many churches and people who are defined by the term rationalists tend to be very against the use of stem cells for research. There are two main types of stem cells that are prevalent in the science world right now which include both adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells. Religious groups tend to lean more towards the use of adult stem cells for research because of the moral issue behind the use of embryonic stem cells. In order to use an embryonic stem cell for research you must first destroy the embryo. In many religions, life begins at conception so the development of that embryo is considered to be life. Thus, the destruction of that embryo would be conside... ... middle of paper ... ...erg believes that science should play an important role in the advancement of society no matter where it falls in the issue of morality. Heisenberg says in this passage that modern science could make it easier for people to believe if they saw it firsthand rather than just believing the bible. In conclusion, stem cell research is a very important issue that is being debated in the world during the modern day. Throughout recent years many intelligent minds have debated the morality of the use of embryonic cells over the use of adult stem cells. Over the course of history there have been a wide variety of people including Galileo and Heisenberg whom I believe would have had a very strong personal opinion on this subject. Although each author is from a different time period I believe that both would agree stem cell research on embryonic stem cells should be done.
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