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Scientific research is a variety of methods to help investigate ways to solve problems and find causes and effects of different information. Zmatana. K (2012) brings forth the argument that for research to be classified as scientific it needs a set of guidelines, protocols and long established methods to gather documenting information. Reliability is defined as how frequent a research can yield the same or similar results. Validity is how a research paints a real picture of the real world by including thoughts and feelings of answers and results given. Quantitative data is the process of using numerical statistics to help assess occurrences and discover facts Zmatana.K . Quantitative research is a collection of data in numerical form, such as statistics and percentages. McCusker .K and Gunaydin .S (2015)’s qualitative research is characterized by its aims, which relay to accepting some aspect of social life and its methods which help generate words, rather than numbers as data for analysis. Furthermore, qualitative data uses words which are understanding and have a description, whereas, using numerical analysis, for example, statistics help find data. Scientific research is vital in sports therapy because according to Page. P (2012), Physical therapists must understand the different research methods and types, in order to implement evidence-based practice, which shows that by using scientific research it will help gather vital information for sports therapist. Evidence based practice in sports physical therapy may improve health care quality, reduce medical errors and help known benefits and risks Manske, C. and Lehecka, B. (2012).
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... Forsdyke.D, they both bring fourth the idea that using imagery tends to serve two main functions, cognitive and motivational. Whereas, Cupal and Brewer in the article states that imagery may be beneficial to ACL. This shows that they both agree that imagery can benefit an athlete when they have an injury. Disagreements amongst the authors are with regards to the amount of participants used, in the article by Cupal and Brewer, which concludes with more participants, would be better as a result because it would give them a broader statistical analysis of the research. Research can be improved by explaining on what research is therefore the reader can understand on what the topic would be about. The literature provided corresponds with and supports the essay question hence explaining the importance of scientific research and evidence based practice in sports therapy.
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