A Research On Home Mortgage Market Crisis

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2- I knew I wanted to do a research about something that will interest me and lead me to more questions, I also wanted my research to be on a topic that interest others and answer as much as possible of their questions. Thus, I decided to do my research paper on home mortgage market crisis, its causes, and the possible solutions offered by economists and experts in the field. I followed few steps to make sure I am structuring my research in the right way, I read a lot of articles about the home market mortgage history in the United States in order to get the best picture of it, so I can provide decent background information to my audience about my topic. I tried to get my research information from scholarly, and relevant sources. I believe that my readers can recognize those steps in the way I introduced my subject “This decline in the home mortgage market expanded rapidly, causing massive crises in the whole United States financial sector (Bullard, Neely, and Wheelock 2-4). Those crises had dangerous effects on the stock banking industry, insurance firms, and Fannie Mae and Freddi...

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