A Report On The Performance Management System

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After reading and reviewing Chapter 11, this student considers important to define some concepts about the Performance Management System. Then analyzing that this student consider the 360- degree method is the better Performance appraisal methods that a company to evaluate its personal and get results more adjustment to the reality of the performance of their employees. Besides to cite some advantages of this method, this paper describe a report that Richard Santeusanio, a Superintendent of the Danvers, Massachusetts, Public Schools wrote after participate in a 360-Degree feedback. Performance Evaluation What does Performance mean? It is the degree of accomplishment of the tasks that made up an employee’s job. Which task are those? They are efforts, abilities, and roles. Is important too, understanding that the employee’s efforts, refers to the amount of energy an individual uses to performing a task; the abilities, which are personal characteristics used in a performing a job, and the role or task perceptions in which individuals believe they should channel their effort. Those three tasks are the three main determinants of performance (Byars, 2010). In addition, Performance appraisal is the process of evaluating and communicating to workers how they are performing the job and what they are needing to improve the job. So, all companies must appreciate and fully understand what that really means performance appraisal as well as knowing precisely choose the method that more accurately reflects the evaluation of the development of an employee. To help companies to develop the better method, there are many types of appraisals and many sources for evaluating human resources performance. Contextual performance co... ... middle of paper ... ...oped and used logical systems and approaches for organizing and managing work. Santeausanio also wrote on his report that the past summer, the company had developed new strategies for improving in these areas. In addition, he said that after the team analyzed its rating of him, they decided he needed to improve the way to conduct team meetings. Now they have a new meeting structure (Santeusanio, 1998). Finally, the 360-Degree performance appraisal method is a very culture sensitive method, so its successful results will depend very much of the organizational culture in which it is applied. Besides, is imperative that managers of organizations actively participate and become involved in this process, because the objective should be to stimulate change in management and internal communication, the development of this practice will raise the skills of its employees.
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