A Report On The Chicago Police Department

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This memo is in reference to the recent data received from the 3rd District Police Department in Grand Crossing which is a part of the Chicago Police Department located on the city’s South Side. It is also considered to be one of the city’s most violent neighborhoods. Therefore, I will be reporting on the dates between August 30, 2016 to September 12, 2016 for the police beat of 1533 and ward 28 and 29. Furthermore, I will give details on the administrative, tactical and strategic analysis for this area and how they can better help the department fight the high rate of crime for this small area that is made up of four main streets West Roosevelt Rd., South Laramie Ave, 5000 West Madison St. and South Cicero Ave. Although, this is a small area and the data that has been received is data for a two-week time frame there has been 24 incidents during this time. Now the incidents that have been mainly reported for this area has been six motor vehicle theft, eight larcenies, two aggravated assault, one burglary, six robberies and one criminal sexual assault. Unfortunately, for this small area this is a large amount of crime for only two weeks and the majority of it has been happening on the streets between the hours of 18:00 or 6 pm and 23:30 or 11:30 pm. Although, there are some reports of crime happening over in the morning or midday, the majority of it happens when people are either getting off of work or going out to dinner as well as happens on the streets, sidewalks or in an alley for a quick getaway. Now the reason it is happening is because the unemployment rate for this area is 18.8%, 17.9% in the area does not have a high school diploma and the average income per-capita is $17,213. Therefore, once again the low education rate a...

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...a high rate of crime, unemployment and high school dropouts the police still have a job to do which means they need to show a stronger presence by getting out of their cars and on the streets. Furthermore, this will help stop the largest amount of crime happening in the area which is larceny because they will be out walking and could catch a lot of these crimes as they are happening. Unfortunately, in order to do this there need to be more officers on either bikes or walking because just riding around in a car is not helping to solve or stop the crimes from happening. However, in order to do this there need to be more bikes order for the summer and spring time as well as some heavier clothing for the winter time because Chicago is very cold during the winter but this needs to be done in order for them to do their job effectively as well as fix the crime problem.

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