A Report On Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is my country and I was going to America to complete my education. It was my first air travel. I was to venture out from Jeddah to California. My heart was beating as I strolled through the entryways of the Jeddah air terminal. I was gripping my bag as I walked up to the counter to get my ticket. I needed to hold up in line to get my ticket and after that get my pack checked. At that point I heard it "flight 0091 to California is presently loading up." After I gave this nominal old man my ticket, I got on the plane. The flight specialist, who was wearing a light dim dress with a red bow, said, “Welcome on board flight 0091 to California”. I sat down. There were two children that sat close to me in other seats on the opposite side of the passageway. The motors thundered as I got more scared. At the point when the plane was at adequate stature, I looked through the sheet of window. The Earth appeared to be sinking off from us. The huge structures looked like little spots of excellence. The sky was clear, its line shading added to its excellence. Everything looked new and abnormal. Be that as it may, the most delightful thing was the scene around me. I saw only was covered by perfect air. Incidentally, I saw the mists skimming here and there. Occasionally I felt as though I was similar to a winged animal flying noticeable all around. I felt how effective man was. He had overcome nature. He had won victory even over the air. We had our dinner at our seats and I was familiar with the individuals from the plane team. There was the boss pilot who directed the plane. At that point there was a co-pilot, a guide and three having a place with the plane. One of them was a designer, another radio master and the third radioman. Th... ... middle of paper ... ...experience of a different culture. In this way, the culture of California has proved totally different from my perceptions. It gave me indication that how events and changing world has the greatest impact on places. This is a haunting experience of my life. There are so many reasons for thinking in this way. The first point is that it is my first trip in which family was not included. This gave me a sense of independence and consciousness. I had experienced different colors of life. It gave me insight of different people around me. It is said by people that traveling is a source to know about personality of others. On the other hand, California is a place which shows two different colors of life. It has developed on technological and latest patterns of life according to the changing needs of life. It gave me an indication that change is a compulsory element of life.
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