A Reminder of the Past

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Last November, I got a new puppy named Kakashi; he's the cutest thing my wife and I have ever seen. As we were taking him home after driving two hours to get him., he crawled over into my lap, looked up at me, and barked. That sounded more like a squeak than a bark. He then laid his head on my lap as we were driving home. When he did that it reminded me of my first puppy.
When I was eight, I got my first puppy. His name was Lucky, he was half German Shepherd half Chow. He was reddish-brown with black on the top of his back with pointy ears and a curly tail. I loved him more than anything. I got him from the pound back home in Arkansas, which was on a farm around thirty-five minutes from my old house. When my family and I got in the car and we finally arrived there. My twin brother, Eric, and my older sister, Jessica, and I got out of the car and walked up to the barn where all the animals were. We could hear them before we even got to open the Door. When we walked in, there were cages lined up row after row, and some were even doubled stacked high. With what seemed to be a name plates with their name, age, and the type of dog. They had doggy doors leading outside in the back of the cage, and the ones up top had ramps leading to the ground, so they could get out into the big yard out back. I was wondering what kind of dog goes up top cause the door was half the size of the ones on the bottom , and out back, it had a huge six-foot fence surrounding about two acres. It had a pond with ducks and swans in it, which I thought was neat.
During this time while observing the outside we waited about ten minutes for the owner of the pound and his three helpers to round-up all the dogs for us to look at. When they finally got them all back...

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...e up. With a spurt of energy he started jumping and licking my hand and face. That was the moment I realized I had to take him home. When my mom went threw all the paper work and I gave the man my dollar for him. The owner told me when i singed the paper i have to put down a name cause he didn't have one, then he said something,"You know son your lucky to have found him puppys normally go pretty fast around here.". That's when it hit me Lucky that's what his name will be. When we left and got back in the car he crawled up on my lap yawned looked up at me then feel to sleep on my lap.
As i was driving home and i looked down and saw Kakashi sleeping there, being careful as can be while I shifted gears. Each time i did he would shift in my lap. It all reminded myself of Lucky, the first day that eight year old boy took his first puppy home and i was doing it again.
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