A Reflection on Musicians’ Health

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In Musicians’ Health class we covered a lot of topics, some very familiar to me, other a review, and some entirely new. Here a recapitulation of these topics will be presenting, touching upon the points both important and necessary for a musician to know. Although there is still room to expand upon these topics, I feel I have gained a greater understanding of what is known as musicians health.

Breathing involves two main actions, inspiration and expiration. During inspiration, the chest expands, and air is draw into the lungs. During expiration, air is pushed out of the lungs, and the chest returns to its’ original size. There are three types of breathing: clavicular, intercostal, and abdominal. Clavicular breathing causes the neck muscles to raise. Intercostal breathing causes the chest to expand, but it is done with pure focus on the chest muscles. Both of these are inefficient ways of breathing. The third type, abdominal, is the only way considered efficient, because it uses both the diaphragm and the abdominals to control airflow. The efficiency is important, because it affects a persons’ ability to move air in and out of the lungs, as well as having an effect on the maximum capacity of the lungs.

Posture is an important part of a musicians daily routine. Not bothering to maintain perfect posture can have negative health effects in the long run. Two main bones to be conscious of while maintaining good posture are the spine and the pelvis. When standing, a person should maintain a straight line from their ankle up to their ear. This line avoids putting extra pressure on the back of the neck. The pelvis should be stationed directly under the shoulders, so the body does not lean of to one side, putting unnecessary stress on ...

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...rs. Sometime, to be successful a musician has to forge their own path. To do this, they must possess certain qualities such as optimism, the ability to calculate risk, the ability to interact well with other people, creativity, confidence, and be able to adapt to changing conditions accordingly. They must also be able to lead, and be the first to act, based on an accurate prediction they have formulated of the future. Entrepreneurs are the type of people that not only dream, but also make them a reality.

Of all the topics we covered, I believe I have gained a better understanding in all. While not all of them were immediately relevant to me, I believe that they have all served a purpose, and that it is good that this class is required, because it not only has current and face value benefits, but also the concepts covered in it will apply through a musicians life.

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