A Reflection of the United States of America

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The ascension of the United States of America as a global power reflects the actions behind keeping the world safe in its own way. Sometimes the measures to ensure the safety are viewed as illegal and unnecessary. In the many ways that the “victims” of the United States’ hegemony express resentment and hate, In John Kennedy Toole’s epic comedy, A Confederacy of Dunces, Ignatius J. Reilly’s personality reflects the dominance that the United States exerts of foreign nations or people. In addition to the personality of the Ignatius himself, the setting magnifies the claim because of the way people perceived America in the 1950’s.
Other subordinate characters in the novel express their sentiments towards Ignatius as an obese, hypocritical, and lazy human being that critiques every aspect of life that does not correspond to his larger than life standards. The other characters only appear to be subordinate because of Ignatius berating other characters for their lack of common sense or even for no apparent reason whatsoever. Ignatius constantly ridicules her mother for attempting to care for him, but it is evident that he does not appreciate the life that she has given him. When Ignatius and Mrs. Reilly crash the car into the side of a building and destroy the balcony, Mrs. Reilly panics because of the fine that they have to pay for damages. She knows that her “husbands Social Security and a little two-bit pension” will not cover the fine (52-53).
After Mrs. Reilly’s panic attack and fear of doing time, Ignatius becomes distracted by the “total perversion” that he witnesses on the television (53). Rather than strategizing on how to make up the funds to pay for the damage, Ignatius completely ignores her mother and attempts to tend h...

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...’s ego certainly makes him a character that only one can admire or ultimately despise, which appears to be the latter in most cases because of his rash comments towards people he does not like, not because of their appearance necessarily like Patrolman Mancuso, but rather for personality such as her own mother. This behavior reflected the ideals the United States practiced pre-Korean War. This behavior involved the mistreatment of African Americans, which Ignatius certainly mentions about the slow progress from the field to the factory; the global hegemony that the United States exerted during global conflicts; finally the issue with racism in the United States that retains its importance in global issues because of the social latter that Americans have created. Ignatius’ ideals reflect the ideals of the United States because he assumes dominance in all situations.
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