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Final Reflection Initially, I had no idea what this course was about. From its title, I gathered that it would teach us how to help children develop social skills. During the summer, I decided to enroll in it because it was the last bridge course that I needed to take, in order to move onto Miami Dade College’s bachelor program. Yet, I had no idea how many great strategies I would learn and how many of my beliefs about education and children would change. Professional Growth It is easy to sit in a class as a Professor gives a lecture and to regurgitate the information on assignments; however, the real challenge is internalizing the information and applying it to the real world. The great part of this course was that we were given specific strategies to help children learn, focus, and much more. As I have mentioned in previous assignments, I am an aftercare teacher and I applied many of these strategies in my class. These strategies helped me learned how to teach, value, encourage my students more, even the ones who drove me crazy. For example, I learned how to encourage my students (by describing their work and/or asking them “Do you like it”) rather than just over praising them and teaching them to please others. With another student, I applied and taught her the fly stress relieving strategy and her cry spells decreased. I noticed that I began to gain my student’s trust and create a stronger connection with them. One of the biggest beliefs that this course helped me change was that children have it easy and just think about playing. I learned that there is nothing wrong with wanting to play. Playing is how they learn. Through play they test out theories, making mistakes, and create new theories. Simultaneously, I realized t... ... middle of paper ... ... on the school websites. When it comes to confidence and competence, I would do pamphlets that explain to the parents how to increase competence and confidence and the difference between encouraging rather than praising children. I would try my best to have the teachers at my schools get the parents emails to send it electronically. I would explain to them even if children can do something it does not mean that they believe they can do it. Last but not least, I learned that to be an effective learner children need to be socially, emotionally, and intellectually engaged. I would host a mini workshop with the teachers at the school to remind them about SEI. During the meeting, I would do an activity with the teachers, such as the mobile activity. This would help them understand the importance of intentional teaching an choosing lessons that thoroughly engages children.
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