A Reflection On The Impact Of Technology And Poverty Reduction

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Reflect on how technology can be used for poverty reduction.
For a long time, poverty has been understood purely in the form of money i.e. lack of income. In today’s scenario, the concept of understanding poverty has been broadened, a multidimensional concept is developed rather than the income only which has the economic, political, social, and cultural dimensions. However, poverty has no specific and generally accepted definitions. For many people, poverty signifies the lack of access to land, easy access to food, basic health and education facilities etc. For other group of people, it is the matter of freedom, lack of power, social exclusion and subject to vulnerability.
Today technology has been a supreme power to drive the economy of
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From day to day business concepts, increasing(attracting) customers to the various decisions of suppliers, establishing new plants, new product etc. is done in seconds with the help of the technology. There are various direct benefits of the technology viz. enhanced and faster communication, access to information and services.
However, there are two different views on the role of technology in the poverty reduction i.e. to believe that technology to be the panacea of the poverty reduction and to believe that technology has no significant and reasonable role in poverty reduction unless the primary need of the poor people is not met. The argument of the today will be highly deviated towards the positive effect of the technology in poverty reduction. Let me start the topic with the previous steps taken in the past through the various
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Some of the basic focused on the poverty reduction by the Government of India with the help of technology in the human development programs, women empowerment, creating jobs, etc. Even though India has grown significantly, but it has been less effective in terms of reducing poverty. Currently there are different schemes available for the poor by the government of India, and are being somewhat effective with the various technologies incorporated with
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