A Reflection On My Life

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Every day we have an opinion about something or someone and 75% of the time we are evaluating ourselves without even knowing it; every time we look in the mirror and when we are socializing with others at the back of our minds we are conscious of everything that we do. Self-concept is just that, it’s “stable perceptions that each of us holds about ourselves” (Alder and Rodman). As I look at who I am the biggest thing that shaped me to who I am today is Jesus; He’s given me a heart to love everyone no matter what and to always remain humbled in every aspect in my life. I’ve known about Jesus since forever there has never been a moment in my life where I felt like I didn’t know Him. If I never knew about the Lord I wouldn’t be the person I am today I would be lost without any direction. I know that I am a very nice person who gets along with just about everyone and I am slow to anger. I try to be very sensitive to people’s feelings so I try not to be completely honest with people when it comes to the truth which is not good because I am with holding the truth and that is not fair to the person I am with holding the truth from; it hurts them in the end and that does not make me a nice person but unfortunately I try to be a people pleaser instead of a realist. Outside from being nice and sensitive to other people’s needs one of my favorite hobbies in life is bowling, bowling helps relieve stress for me because it takes my mind away from the world and all of my focus goes to hitting 10 pins, I’m also really good at it too so that helps. I am also talented to a certain degree, when I was 8 years old I had a portable keyboard that had 88 musical songs and I taught myself how to play Fur Elise; from early on I always thought that song was... ... middle of paper ... ...elp me get through it by giving me advice and pointers to get through it. I need to pray and read my Bible more because I can’t change on my own I’ve tried to change on my own but I end up in the same place I started. My praying life needs to be stronger and my relationship with Jesus needs to be better because He is what gives me strength and the reason I am lacking in different areas in life is because I am weak in the most important area in life. Once I work on my relationship with God and began giving all of my worries to Him and to know that I am somebody because of Him I will be at the top of the pyramid in no time. The self-concept paper has helped me as a person understand where I am in life and how I can change it and I would have never fully understood it if it wasn’t for me self-evaluating myself and realizing what areas in my life I need to improve.

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