A Reflection On My Life

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Significant others” is term used in sociology that refers to the important people in one’s life that are close to that person. People who are classified as “significant others” are usually individuals who uplift, motivate, and better the person that they are close with. For me, I am lucky enough to have many significant others involved with my life. First and most obvious, God has always been my “go to” being, because God gives me the motivation and strength that no human being could ever fulfill. God creates crossroads, pathways, and loves me like no other. Anytime I’m unsure about my life and all the wrongful decisions that I make on a day-to-day basis, God has always found a way to bring out the light in the darkest of darkness. My parents also play a huge role as significant others in my life, because they are always there for me at my “highest” and “lowest” aspects of life, and they are always proud of me no matter what objective or goals I have ever failed, because they prove it every day by pushing me to be the best PJ that I can be. I am also lucky enough to have a best-friend, whom you have already had the pleasure to meet. Cody Amis is one of those friends that will never let you fall, he is the one person on this earth that I can talk to about anything. Cody is also a very righteous person, and with that being said, he inspires me to do the “right” thing, no matter how hard it may be sometimes. I used to be in a long-term relationship with a great person named Nicole Baker, and although things didn’t work out, and we no longer communicate with one another, she is still a reputable mention. When I first met Nicole, I was working full-time as a general manager at a restaurant called Jet’s Pizza. She really opened my eyes ... ... middle of paper ... ... downward is to state that humans should stay away from these characteristics. 6. There are two threads hanging at the bottom of the symbol, which in the words Daly (2012), represent “good mind” and “angry mind,” and that these two characteristics could occur in a human at any time in life. However, on the American side, my step-mother has taught me moral values that are stressed in Christianity, such as the Ten Commandments. As far as my peers, they have taught me friendship, fairness, and love. Personally, I would bring all the values that I have listed previously with my future family. These values have helped me grow and understand more about myself; therefore, they would also help my family flourish during their lives. On the contrary, I would not bring a clash of religion to my future family, because I don’t want them to be confused on faith on my behalf.

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