A Rainbow Leading to Death

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In “The Masque of the Red Death”, Poe uses the rainbow of rooms to show each stage of a person’s life to their death. The first room, with blue walls, tapestry, and windows could be equated to the very early morning of someone’s existence, right after birth, a time of new beginnings. The following room, a deep purple, could be associated to the first hint of sun, when the sky turns purple, early morning of life when one is just starting to wake up and communicate like a human being. The third room’s green walls, windows, and tapestries are symbolic of the mid-morning, when dew rests on the grass blades and the animals begin to become more active, in one’s life this would be symbolic of young adulthood when one begin to use your rights as a person more. The orange of the next room could be equated with the noon time of one’s life when they reach about halfway through life, and they reach their success. The white in the 5th room could be equated to the mid-afternoon of one’s life, when everything starts to wind down, and the black shadows get larger. The shadows, little glimpses of th...
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