A Rabbit Who Never Stood a Chance

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In Lab Rabbit Strongly Recommends Cover Girl Waterproof Mascara For Sensitive Eyes published in The Onion, the author who remained unknown, does a splendid job in mocking the Cover Girl magazine in respect to the way they cruelly treat animals to test their products, not caring what the after effects are. The author writes the article in the rabbits point of view, as if it were the rabbit telling the story, this gives the article a more personal feel as it is read. The author’s purpose for this piece of literature is to inform as well as entertain the reader, given the way the article was narrated, in addition to some particularly funny but also gory details. The most important point portrayed in the article is the rights of animals that are mistreated, killed and gravely injured in those big laboratories without anybody doing anything about it. Rabbit LR4427 is a great example of this, as the story is written in its point of view. ““And if you have a long day... or night," continued LR-4427, attempting a saucy wink despite his surgically excised eyelids, "touch-up's a breeze. Just pack more Long & Luscious into your orbital sockets, your nostrils, your anus–any of the delicate tissues that get stressed by your busy lifestyle–and you're ready to go."”(Unknown) In this piece of the article the author uses the rabbit to sympathize with the reader, as LR-4427 narrates a series of events that Cover Girl has done to him in the process of testing the product. As the audience reads this they can understand what types of torture LR-4427 endures during this painful process. This serves to inform the reader of the atrocious things done to animals during testing for products not juts only in cover girl but in other products as well. ... ... middle of paper ... ... author reveals how animals are treated harshly after then promoting the product in different ways. The outcome of the article is a narrative of a poor rabbit that has been mistreated by the big corporations, and these corporations try their different products on it every day. The rabbit then in a sarcastic way promotes the product. The rabbit is not really endorsing the product, but the author is using this style of satire to make the reader enjoy the reading in a funny yet informing the audience what really goes on inside animal testing facilities. Bibliography 1. "Lab Rabbit Strongly Recommends Cover Girl Waterproof Mascara For Sensitive Eyes." ." The Onion. N.p., 29 Nov 2000. Web. 10 Feb 2014..

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