A Proposal For Extending Rapid Service Bus Schedules

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A Proposal to Extend Rapid Service Bus Schedules Problem As a commuter student I spend an average of 16 hours and 25 minutes per week in campus while waiting for my classes to begin or for the first bus to start its route back home. The main problem with Rapid Service from Valley Metro, that connects Park and Rides and Downtown Phoenix, is that has strict schedules. For example, the I-10 East route that begins at Pecos Park and Ride starts the inbound at 5:10 AM and ends at 8:10 AM. The outbound stop location that is closest to Downtown Phoenix campus, in Central & Van Buren, starts at 3:30 PM and ends at 6:15 PM. These schedules allow most of the employees at Downtown facilities to have a comfortable round trip between home and work. However, for ASU commuter students like me, that rather start classes later than the last inbound bus or finish classes earlier than the first outbound bus this schedule does not work. Not considering the traveling time, this inflexible schedule makes commuter students to experience long wait hours prior and/or after classes. Proposed Solution Write your claim I propose an extension to Rapid Service Buses’ schedule. Where the inbound can continue to leave from the park and ride every one hour after the last bus scheduled at 8:10 AM and the outbound can begin at 1:10 PM every one hour until the already scheduled route begins its normal course. This proposal would allow off-campus students to get to campus on time for classes and go back home after them without having to wait long hours in between. Justification Applying this idea would be beneficial because it would allow bus commuter students to have a more comfortable college experience and more freedom to manage their time. First and foremost,... ... middle of paper ... ... campus of almost 2 hours for a trip that shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Therefore, I am forced to stop using public transportation and explore other options. In conclusion, the odds of getting positive outcomes from my proposal are really high. It would directly benefit the life of off-campus students that are public transportation users. The only option left when public transportation does not meet the requirements of the commuter students’ population is to get a car and drive to campus which is not a fair or feasible solution for everyone. This is how more cars are inserted into the transportation context and how people willing to use public transportation are forced to quit their intentions. Moreover, as mentioned earlier extending the schedules would be a potential benefit for all since it would ease commuters’ life and would even generate more employments.

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