A Productive and Independent Life

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Social work has been described as a promotion of well being for clients to live happy productive lives and to age well is to live with the greatest possible quality of life by adapting to declines in performance. Thus, assisting the elderly as they age to lead lives most conducive to them continuing a positive and uplifting experience is key to those social workers, aiding with elderly clients. Below are the answers to the questions regarding the provided case vignette, as I see them.

1. Client is an elderly widower who resides with his daughter, her husband and his three grandchildren. He is and Italian American brought to the United States during his pre adolescent years and was raised during different times and also brought up his own children to the traditional standards he was accustomed to. He has little to no contact with his siblings and can present as stubborn and grumpy at times. Especially, when discussing the raising of his grandchildren with his daughter and son-in-law. The bitterness he expressed during his hospitalization for his hip can be attributed to his loss of independence during their treatment. He lashed out at the staff and was uncooperative at times. The client was most likely agitated due to the discomfort he was feeling from his injury. His strong feelings can cause confrontations, as he is opinionated. Client is still very pleasant when interacting with his grandchildren. It is clear they still bring him much joy.

Upon evaluating the provided information it is this writer’s professional opinion that the client may be presenting signs of dementia. As he did not understand the instructions given to him regarding the physical and occupational therapies necessary for his recovery, though they we...

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