A Pro-Gay Marriage Argument

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In the United States today, the divorce rate is at 50% throughout the nation. With promiscuity on the rise, and the effects of the ever dropping economy, marriage is no longer a priority to some. Still to others, overlooking the fact that many no longer see marriage as crucial, they are determined to save what they consider constitutes the model for marriage. For years, marriage opportunities for homosexuals has been an ongoing debate, and it still continues today. Many critics of the ordeal pose the argument that the allowance of same-sex unions would single-handedly demolish the already fragile structure of marriage (Head). They go on to further to say that same-sex marriages would cause men to become barbaric, as women are the only ones who are able to tame them(Nock 17). But, homosexuals have not been given the opportunity in America to prove the critics of their desires wrong. It is not fair that heterosexuals are allowed to marry and divorce as they please while homosexuals are not even given the opportunity to take part in marriage. Homosexuals are just like every average American. They pay taxes, they have jobs and some even vote. Yet, they are still not allowed to exercise the love felt for their partner due to ignorance and fear. Allowing homosexuals to marry would acknowledge the legitimacy of same- sex couples, and the idea of being gay, would not be viewed as an anathema.

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Many think that homosexuality is a complete abomination and disrespectful towards God. Those who think so use arguments such as the story of Sodom and Gomorrah where God destroyed an entire city due to the gall of the towns men’s’ attempt to have relations with two angels (NIV 23). They also continue to refute the idea of hom...

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