A Predetermined Life In Oedipus The King

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A Predetermined Life In Sophocles play, Oedipus the King, the life that Oedipus lived was predetermined. All the choices he thought he made of his own free will were actually made for him. The decision of whether Oedipus should live or die as an infant was decided by a servant of Thebes, the decision of whom he should marry was decided after he killed the sphinx and was rewarded a kingdom, and the decision of how he could save Thebes and all those he cared for was decided by the gods. Oedipus tried very hard to make his life the way that he wanted it to be but in the end it still turned out the way foretold when he was an infant. When Oedipus was just a baby, his parents, Laius and Jocasta, learned from a prophet that their child was…show more content…
Oedipus was appalled that the citizens of Thebes had not done this already. Oedipus begged and pleaded that if any of the citizens knew anything about the murder to come forward. That if the people helped him that he would not cause them harm, even if that person were even the guilty party, he would just exile them so that Thebes could prosper. Oedipus calls for the prophet only to learn that he was the one that murdered the king. Oedipus was beside himself with grief, the one thing he had tried to prevent his entire adult life had come true without his knowledge. Oedipus had killed his father and married his mother. After hearing her worst fears, Jocasta, hung herself, when Oedipus found her he was even more devastated, he went a little mad. ‘He rips off her brooches, the long gold pins holding her robes…he digs them down the sockets of his eyes, crying, “you, you will see no more the pain I suffered”…”(1403-1407). Oedipus blinds himself because he is so horrified by what his life has become that he just cannot bear to see anything anymore. Oedipus makes the decision to leave Thebes so that the people that he protected for all this time would be safe. From the time he was born Oedipus’ life was decided for him. The choices that he made may have seemed like they were of his own free will, but a prophecy made about him when he was born came true in the end. Oedipus tried to change the outcome of his life by walking away from all those that he cared about in order to not have the prophecy come true, in doing this he ended up right where he started from and killed his father and married his mother. The life of Oedipus was destined to be this way, “it’s mine alone, my destiny—I am Oedipus!”
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