A Practical Approach to Television Violence

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A Practical Approach to Television Violence

As difficult as this issue is, I believe it can be

addressed. My report shows that some progress has already begun in

several areas. Attention needs to be focused on how and why some

programming has begun to move in the right direction and why the rest

has not. "What this issue needs, more than anything else, is cool heads

on all sides of the problem: the network executives, the creative

community, the government, researchers and advocacy groups. All sides

need to worry less about how each development affects only them and

instead look at the needs of everyone."(U.C.L.A. 5)

In the broadcast world, the four television networks, ABC,

CBS, FOX, and NBC, have begun to get the message about television

violence. The programming they completely control, series and

television movies, has, for the most part shown some promising signs and

now reflects, on the whole, relatively few issues of concern as compared

to other network television formats. I contend that this is a result of

consumer pressure, rather that governmental regulation. The violence

contained in the most disturbing television series is minor in

comparison to that contained in theatrical films shown on network

television. And that violence, edited as it is, is tame compared to

films shown in theaters, in home videos and on pay cable.

Today, we see few programs with violence as their central

theme. More programming uses violence well or does not use it at all.

The public seems to be responding. Of the top 30 shows of the season,

only two are listed as raising concerns about violence. It is possible

to create popular programs that do not resort to inappropriate uses of

violence. Ad...

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