A Post War Problem

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A Post War Problem

War, as we all know, is a devastating part of human existence. For as long as humans have gathered, there have been conflicts that arose between the different groups or gatherings. These assembled groups, in turn, would wage war against one another for a countless number of reasons. Differences in beliefs, land, money, and power are among the most common reasons warfare occurs. Nowadays, wars are still waged for the same reasons yet now entail a more catastrophic level of fighting with technology being what it is. The little knowledge I have about war is mainly from movies, like Full Metal Jacket and Saving Private Ryan to name a few, or from historical accounts. Therefore, to me war is the horrible slaughter of innocent individuals. In the Vietnam War, well the Vietnam conflict to be more accurate, young men were being sent overseas to fight. It was not under their personal desire to do go to war that these young men were involved in the fighting, but because the government had drafted, or selected, them to do so. It was this fact that instilled fear in all young men, their family's and others. To know at any moment you will no longer have a free will to do as you desire and instead will be submersed into hysteria and death. My father spoke with me about his draft experience and said he choose to sign up rather than be drafted, because he knew draftees were almost always trained for infantry and therefore stood the greatest likelihood for being killed. Thus, my father became a cook and baker for the Army.

The draft is the random selection of men eighteen to twenty-five to serve in the military during a time of conflict. The draftees are then on active duty for two years until they are released back into civilian life. The law in the United States (US) asserts that a draftee's job must be held for him until his return from active duty. With regard to Vietnam, the American public was unsure of what our government's objectives were, and therefore certain individuals became skeptical. Yet, the draft continued for it was necessary to feed the need for more soldiers. Sadly, many of these draftees did not have the opportunity to return home and retrieve their job that was held for them because they were not lucky enough to survive.

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