A Pill for Every Ill

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Medication for mental illnesses harms the patients. The amount of prescription medication that is given to those who have mental illnesses is outrageous. Though some believe that the patients are directly affected, as are the patients families and those who have direct contact with the patient. This is a false claim though the medication given to patients are almost sedatives and the patients can do much better without them. Although some say that restricting medications is harming people with mental disorders, the amount of prescribed medications can, over time, deteriorate the brain and make symptoms worse, therapy has been proven more effective and the diagnoses for symptoms is not detailed enough. Others say that the amount of prescriptions given is necessary for the progress treatment and development of the patients. It is also said that without the medications the patients are being harmed. “For many mental health consumers, access to the full range of the most effective medications is a crucial component of successful treatment and recovery.” (Espejo par. 1). This is true to some extent, though the amount of patients that require medications is very low, but it should be even lower. When Espejo says the patient is being “harmed” he is really referring to the patient reverting to their behavior that caused them to be diagnosed, which scares some people. This of course causes them to want to solve it as any modern person does, through the marvel of modern medicine. Medicine, being a very effective form of treatment to some illnesses is not helping the process of treating patients with mental health issues. The amount of prescription medications given to mental illness patients is far too high given the amount of long-term e... ... middle of paper ... ...erapy sessions and then if needed medication. Therefore the amount of medication prescribed is too much. Therapy can be a better solution to this problem if it is used more frequently within the lives of those who need it. In the U.S. we use too many medications where they are not helpful. As a group of wise men said, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare…” (The Constitution par. 1). As american people we are guaranteed the tranquility of knowing that our loved ones are well taken care of. We must help those that need it because we need general welfare for all people. We need to take action which could be as simple as going to a psychologist instead of a psychiatrist or asking for a therapy session rather than medication.
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