A Picture of Dorian Grey.

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In a London studio, Basil Hallward puts the finishing touches on his most recent portrait, that of a young man. Lord Henry, who is visiting with Basil, asks about the young man's identity, but Basil declines to answer. Basil never intends to exhibit the painting, because if he did, it would bare the deepest feelings in his soul. However, Basil lets slip that the subject of the portrait is Dorian Gray, who shortly thereafter pays the two men a house call. Lord Henry starts to talk to Dorian about his life, suggesting he should make the most of his youth while he has it, because they will soon fade. Afraid to grow old, Dorian wishes he could trade his soul to stay as young as he looks in the portrait; a short while later, he again wishes that he could stay young while the image in the painting aged. The portrait thus begins to take on a life-like existence; in fact, Basil's threat to burn the portrait is likened to "murder" and Basil prefers the company of the portrait to the real Dorian. Dorian falls in love with a actress, Sibyl Vane. After a short courtship, they become e...
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