A Perspective on Gang Violence

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There are many theories used in by criminologists to define and understand crimes, such as gang violence, two of the most prominent are Choice Theory and Social Structure Theory. Both define crime equally well but when it comes to defining gang violence one theory significantly outclasses the other. So which one better defines gang violence, is it choice theory or could it be social structure theory? Social Structure Theory states that “The root of crime can be traced directly to the socioeconomic disadvantages that have become embedded in American society.” The theory’s basic concept is that the social disadvantages a person has in life are a precursor to a life of crime and violence in the near future, and that they are strongly pushed by these social factors to resort to crime as a way to attain what they need. Some examples of this are; a person resorting to theft in order to provide food for himself and/or his family, because he lives in an area devoid of work and money, or a child getting into fights for the purpose of someone paying attention to him in place of his single pa...

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