A Person´s Demographic Profile on Building Trust

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One of the major points in the first article is that it tackles the positive mood which increases dependency on stereotypes and signals in interdependent situations. It pointed that the relationship between positive mood and trust relies on cues, schemas, and stereotypes. (Lount, Robert Jr., 2010). In other words, people with positive mood tend to trust people when there are available cues that suggest trusting the other person. Moreover, happy people tend to use their prior knowledge to help them make evaluations to whether to trust an individual or not.

One of the major points in the second article is the discussion about the two kinds of trust which are the cognition-based and affect-based trust. Affect-based trust denotes the emotional bonds between people that is developed upon expressions of concern and care for the people in the group. Cognition-based trust is based on the capability, consistency, and dependability (McAllister, 1995). The article argues that these two types of trust affect team performance.

I used to think that trust is just based on the person’s...
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