A Personal Narrative Essay On My Life

Narrative Essay My life hasn’t been the hardest, most of all not the easiest. We need to realize, when we get sick that something serious could be wrong with us. My mother and father broke up when I was two years old; shortly after I moved in with my grandmother who fostered me. My mom still took me to all the special events like the first day of school, School concerts, including the first most of all the last time I was arrested. My grandmother, of course went to all the events, how could anyone think otherwise when it was her that raised me. When I was in the second semester of second grade of school, my grandmother made fried chicken. I got so sick that my stomach was in prodigious amounts of pain and I was vomiting. My grandmother…show more content…
I woke up, my eyes squinting, barley able to make out the nurses surrounding my bed as they are pushing the bed down a hallway. “Dakota wake up, It is time to wake up Dakota” I could hear one of them say. I passed out again. The next day I woke up with a tube in my chest right above my heart, blood and medication was being administered. The IV was out of my arm (At that time there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to die). My grandmother was next to me again in the same chair which she sat every night and day. I could hear her praying. She stopped, looked at me and told me everything will be fine and she was confident about it. She sat up in the chair reached out for the phone and called my mother. “Stacy, Dakota is awake, you need to come here to see your son” My grandmother looked at me with sad, tired eyes “Dakota will you be okay with your mom today while I go home, Take a shower and try to get a good night’s sleep?” “Yeah grandma, I will be okay with mom” I…show more content…
We watched TV, Played a couple board games and cards. It was right when we both started to end the night. “Mom I don’t feel good” I said almost crying “I think I’m going to die I’m scared” I leaned toward her and vomited all over her. My mother has never moved so fast. She hit the nurse’s button, the nurse went in to the room, saw me then walked out and brought back crackers, a gown( for my mother to wear) and a Plastic bag (for my mom can put her dirty clothes in). My mom got dressed and called my grandmother to let her know what happened. She passed the phone to me “Dakota are you going to be okay?” my grandmother asked frantically. “No, I want you here grandma, I was feeling better with you here” I said crying. “I know you want to get a good sleep, and I’m sorry” My grandmother told me not to worry and she drove to the hospital to release my mom and stayed with me. My grandmother watched me all night and was there for the three days I had left at the

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