A Personal History Of Hypertension And Health Care

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Two years ago, I started getting frequent headaches and dizziness. I was extremely stubborn and did not want to see my primary physician concerning my change in condition. I was checking my blood pressure more frequently and couldn’t help to notice the increase in pressure. I monitored my vitals for about six months. I tried everything I possibly could to change my lifestyle to aid in the relief. I started to run more and make healthier food choices. Nothing worked! My pressures maintained high. I was reluctant to visit the doctor. I personally did not want to be dependent on medications. After a long discussion with my spouse I realized I was being selfish. I scheduled an office visit the following week for a professional opinion. From the time I entered and left the primary care office, I was treated with dignity and respect. I felt extremely comfortable. I was happy I decided to commit myself. It was a big step to admit I wasn’t healthy. The nursing staff was completely empathic and concerned for me and my family. I could see I was the only thing that mattered while they were i...

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