A Personal Experience with Urban Sprawl

I’m one year old and my mother and father move to the out skirts of a little village named Pleasant Prairie in the county on Kenosha County in Wisconsin. My first memories at this new house where playing in the farm fields that surrounded my old retired farm house. I was once told that all the land within a mile was owed be the man who built my house in the early 1800’s. But now because of urban sprawl, and land building the land had a school, church, roads and house on it. Around the time that I moved in that area was still farmland for the majority, as I grow up the land that I once played in and dodging farming tractors changed to dodging construction tractors because the fields where bought and sold to create streets, houses and buildings. This is when I was about ten and I understood what was happening to the land but not why it was happening. I asked around and friends and family and they tried to tell me why I couldn’t play in the fields anymore. I did not want the construction tractors to destroy the fields and the environment that I knew as my own. I remember of one time that I thought that I could stop the construction tractors from digging roads and big holes in the ground to for condos to go into, I built a big blockade of tree branches on their road they were using . I was convinced that I was able to stop them from continuing to dig until I saw the pile of branches pushed off to the side of the road and the dump trucks and bulldozers back to work. That is when I figured out that I could not do anything about it just like the farmers that rented land to harvest. The farms that are bigger and have more money to spare the cost of bidding for land are the ones that will succeed with the growing of their farm. On the othe... ... middle of paper ... it into oxygen for our planet. This also helps the plant by giving it the necessary nutrients to survive. Also with higher carbon dioxide levels farmers find that they can have a longer growing span for their crops, which also means they can have more crop yields. But that only helps them up to a certain point, if the temperature gets to high then it can ultimately strangle the crop and produce less yield. As the growing population moves on to the farm fields the farmers need to find new places to build new fields and often times they find the wild land were the wild life lives like the birds, foxes, mice, and coyotes. This is how we have problems with the wild life in are neighbor hoods today. I know this and understand this because that is just what happened around my house. The houses where built and some woodland were cut down to make room for the houses.

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