A Personal Experience Essay

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Personal Experience

I was bullied by my classmates beginning at the age of 8 years old. A few of the major aspects in which I was bullied were: my slim body, weight, skin color and a perception of favoritism. My mother was the secretary at McCurdy School, the school that I attended at the time. My classmates thought that my teachers, as well as other staff members, played favoritism towards me, because my mother worked there.
Little did they know, I was watched all the time; she knew my every move, good and bad. If I got a bad grade, my mother knew before I did. My teachers didn’t cut me any slack; I was just as challenged as all the other students.

I have always had a slim body and I have never weighed more than 116 lbs., my
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My doctor spoke to me privately about how I was feeling and she gave me a journal with stickers to use as my diary. My doctor also suggested that I should go to counseling, which my mother took her up on that offer. I got diagnosed with depression and anemia at the age of 15 years old, and was also prescribed medication to help with my anemia.

I went to counseling once a week for 3 years, where I spoke to my counselor about my emotions, feelings, experiences, and my progress with getting clean. My counselors goal was to help me find alternative “escapes” to keep me from self-harming. One of the biggest alternative “escapes” that I had used was playing piano. My counselor would ask me if I had played that week, and he would ask me how I felt after I played. We would occasionally play board games, such as Candy Land and sometimes Jenga. There were many times where I relapsed and it was hard for me to get back into staying clean. Eventually I got clean for 6 months and I stopped going to counseling.

My senior year of high school, I ended a verbally abusive relationship of 6 months. During the relationship, I had relapsed, ruining my 6 months of being clean. I didn’t
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When I finally found what made me feel happy and secure, I lost it, thinking that I’ll never be comforted that way ever again. Being bullied for so long damaged my self-esteem, it allowed me to isolate myself from everyone, and it allowed me to think that I was supposed to be treated that way. Since I have realized my worth, I have been the happiest
I’ve ever been. I have been clean for 10 months, and I have been so motivated and refreshed, since I have been clean.

I think the one thing that people don’t understand is that words could damage people and bullying can damage people. If someone has been bullied and nobody has done anything to stop the bullying that person is more than likely damaged and theres a slight chance that the person will recover. I have never believed in the saying
“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” words hurt just as much breaking bones, sometimes even worse. Teacher’s don’t teach you how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin, and society tells you there’s no reason to
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