A Personal Decription of Nursing

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The intent of this paper is to address my personal description of nursing. Throughout this paper, I will discuss how nursing is applied through uniqueness to healthcare, profession, caring, and mission. I will also include theorists who I will apply to my own practice along with my personal experiences and opinions.

Nursing’s Uniqueness to the Health Care Industry

Nursing is unique to the healthcare industry because nurses use a holistic approach. Holistic care involves caring for patients as a whole, with an awareness of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions and needs (Crawford, 2010). This statement to me explains why nurses are so unique to the healthcare. A nurse’s care for patients is about additional needs rather than just the physical needs. Patients are cared for by nurses on every level.

Nurses differ from physicians because physicians are only there for one health issue and to resolve that issue. After physicians have fixed the believed to be problematic issue nurses are left to care for patients and any of issues that may arise. This means that nurses walk in a room not knowing what the patient will emotionally be like, but nurses never give up on their patients because of foul experiences. They are there for their patients 100%.

Nurses are thrown challenges on a daily basis, but they are always trying to educate, care, and lead the patient into the right direction. Nurses respect patients as the persons they are and will fight for the rights of their patients. All nurses are needed every day.

Nursing is a Profession

Hilliard (2005) stated education entails the acquisition of critical thinking abilities, as well as skills in problem solving, effective communication and the demonstration o...

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...of making her proud keeps me pushing towards my dreams.

In reality I feel that God has allowed me to face many trials and tribulations to push me towards nursing. I have experienced numerous events dealing with healthcare.



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