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The process of writing is a path which allows the writer to emphasize on reader’s demands, and a way to exemplify different perspectives using the basic conventions in the context. Three of the most well known composition theorists present their ideas about this procedure in a way that is based on the same principle of how to write well and to pass the message wisely. Linda Flower, professor of Rhetoric at Carnegie Mellon University, believes that writing is the result of a highly individualized process. Mike Rose, a professor at the UCLA School of Education, also believes that this process is an incredibly complex learned activity procedure that leads to the foundation of a well written piece. And William Zinsser, a lifelong journalist, being notable for his work in this field, strongly believes that a writer should care about matters that are important to him or her while this process is going on. I strongly believe that these enthusiastic theorists unanimously agree that in one’s process of writing the writer should be simple, think as to speak to an audience and to adopt the rhetorical situation in order to convey a clear message.

Among these theorists, Linda Flower believes that the new foundation of process pedagogy lies with the establishment of balanced ideas and a continued work in time. As evidence she states that well written essays “are the result of a long, laborious, intensely personal process” (L. Flower). She recognizes different points of views about the process of writing and that most of theorists know this process as detailed steps. These steps include prewriting, writing, rewriting and the use of strategies to pass the meaning properly. Moreover, she believes that writers should refer to other opinions whil...

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... In conclusion, the study of these theories describes that if one wishes to write freely and simple while using the basic conventions of composition, it has to adopt firm rhetorical situations to pass the message clearly. Also the writer has to evaluate the procedure with the reader prose in order to grasp the attention of a broad audience by making the writing immaculate.

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