A Path to Education

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A Path to Education

Life is unpredictable and there are an infinite number of paths for one to choose from as they journey through life. One “trail” that seems to be a popular choice to travel is that of an educator. Why is this? What makes the sharing of knowledge so special? Perhaps there is an unparalleled joy in enlightening someone else. Perhaps it is a combination of unlimited elements that drives individuals to be educators. And perhaps there is no one sure answer to these questions. One thing is for sure, our world has seen its share of tremendous and inspiring teachers come and go with the passing years and generations of people. Unfortunately, this world has also seen its share of educators who were not so noticeable and effective. Again, I ask why is this? What makes some teachers more effective and inspiring than others? Could the difference be discovered through viewing their individual philosophies on education? My personal conclusion to this question is a resounding YES. It is an educator’s philosophy on teaching that makes the difference. Up to this point in life, I’ve simply been a student of this world, but as I move forward in life I aspire to cross the line that all before me have crossed to become educators. How will I achieve this? More importantly, will my personal philosophy elevate me to become an inspiring and encouraging teacher? And most importantly, what exactly is my philosophy on education? In a general sense, I simply hope to look at each child I teach as an individual and to make the best situation for each child. I will achieve this goal by developing my own views on the nature of students, the nature of knowledge, the purpose of public education, teaching met...

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... relative to that time period.

No two educators are the same, and no two students are the same. Somewhere in the balance of teaching and learning there is a place where educators and students can come together and pass and receive knowledge in a creative and fun way. I feel that my personal philosophy can take my students and I to that place. Being an educator is the road I have chosen, and while the path I will walk will be unique it draws from the successful paths of educators that have come before me. I realize my philosophy is not set in stone and will change as I am exposed to yet more teachers. More importantly, it may change as I, myself, begin to teach. There is no hard and fast evidence claiming that my philosophy is better than any others, but I truly feel it provides a model that will enable me to be the best teacher I can be.
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