A Pair Of Tickets Short Story Analysis

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Psychoanalysis is a theory based on the assumption that, no behavior is accidental. All the behaviors that people have originate from the experiences that they went through in the past. Therefore, Psychoanalytic criticism is arguing either positively or negatively on the reason why people exhibit certain behaviors in their lives. The voice of a mother and daughter is one of the subjects that feminist scholars have critically looked at. Scholars have captured the issue of western feminists with the literature of matrilineage. Amy Tan in her scholarly works has written stories on Chinese Ladies who went through great suffering in their past life, and this has really affected their present life. Hence, this article will look at the voice of a mother and feminist subjectivity from a psychoanalytic perspective. Basing on the story A Pair of Tickets by Amy Chan, through psychoanalytic criticism, this paper explores the techniques that the author uses to expose the experiences of the Joy luck mothers in China, and how these experiences shape their present characters, as well as their daughters’ lives.
Amy Tan is a prolific and acclaimed writer, for the past one decade she has specialized in mother daughter relationships. He has explored his creativity in storytelling, which can be traced from her book the Joy Luck Club where she explores mother-daughter voices persuasively and consistently. A Pair of Tickets, a short story in the Joy Luck Club is expressed with creativity and femininity. In addition, it is written with an approach of maternal subjectivity. In examining Tan’s work, it is clear that she has adapted the Chinese talk story in story telling between daughters and their mothers as a matrilineal reclamation trope. The story, A P...

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... China went through, and how these experiences shaped their characters, and influenced the lives of their daughters. Tan uses storytelling and talk story to provide an avenue through which these mothers could express themselves. The Chinese mothers who were silent for a long time decide to break their silent and tell their daughters their experiences. In other words, the Chinese women are trying to recover their lost authenticity and reconstruct their cultural wholeness and feminism. The story also tells on the strong bond found between the mother and her daughter. Tan represents the Chinese American immigrant mothers, as people who have the desire to empower their daughters through their experiences and to impart some wisdom into them. Through the psychoanalytic criticism, the origin of the characters of the silent character in Jig-mei’s mother can be explained.
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