A Pair Of Tickets Short Story

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“A pair of tickets” is a narration by Jing Mei in which she and her dad head back to china to reunite with her long lost sisters who are twins. In the course of the story, insight regarding the background of the story is conveyed. This includes the revelation as to why Jing Mei’s mother leaves her twins. The insight also projects the life of the twins after their adoption as well as the life of their mother in America. Sunayun starts the search for her children but fails. She then proceeds and marries another man in the US with whom they conceive Jing Mei. She still wishes to move on with the search but dies before succeeding. A friend later finds the twins and informs them of their mother to whom they write and hope for reunion. In the short story “A pair of Tickets” by Jing Mei emphasizes the importance of family and reunion in the Asian American culture. One of the major themes in this story is the theme of reunion. The story goes on to relay the efforts that various characters put in place in order to make sure that they bring reunion to the family. In this regard, Sunyaun returns several times to the residence in which she left her twins hoping to find them but doesn’t realizes that it’s too late as the family has moved. She doesn’t lose hope and continues with the search through friends. It is saddening that she loses her life before she can attain such an important dream and have a reunion with her children. The friends don’t let go of the search and soon manage to find the twins and tells them of their mother. It is amazing in that the twins willingly carry on with the theme of reunion as they write a letter to their mother. Sanyaun’s sisters receive the letter and though confused, decide to continue with the theme by resp... ... middle of paper ... ... an important occasion to reunite with the family after such incidents and such a long time. This narration also has a climax that is worth mentioning because of the role it plays. This climax is when Jing Mei meets her sister twins in China. This is because the entire story revolves around the journey to reunite with family. At the start, the plans of Jing Mei and her father re projected and the reader just waits to see the outcome, which is relayed in the climax. Reading through this story reveals satisfaction as pertains to justification of the theme of reunion and family for the Asian-American culture. The role of flashback cannot be disputed as it helps in building the story to reach the climax at the end, which sums up the story. In this regard it is worth concluding that this story allows us to see the importance of family and being reunited with your roots.
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