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A&P “A&P” by John Updike is a short story that young males and females could relate to. It takes place during that transitional period from a teenager to a young adult. It also overflowing symbolism from beginning to end. Updike when writing “A&P” also may have alluded to thing that could happen in the future. Updike wanted to write a simple story but if delved into deeper could have many other meanings. “A&P” takes the reader into a day in the life of Sammy. Like most kids at Sammy age who is nineteen years old, he is working a job he doesn’t really like at all while trying to figure out what he going to do with his life. Sammy works as a cashier at the A&P grocery store. Updike connects much of real life into his stories because A&P is a real store it is one of the first grocery stores ever. According to aptea.com, "A&P opens the nation 's first "supermarket," a 28,125-square-foot store that enables customers to select their own groceries without the assistance of a clerk”. Which in the 1960 this great job for anyone to have. Sammy, on the other hand, has grown to dislike the job so much he doesn’t consider the customer people anymore. Instead, Sammy compares them to sheep “the sheep pushing their carts down the aisle”(updike20) because day in and day out they follow the traffic never going against it. You can tell at this point Sammy find his job to be mundane. Sammy even makes up a song from the register and all the other sounds in the store In come these three girls Sammy like most nineteen-year-old boys he watched and watched. While looking at the girls, he was ringing up an older lady and her crackers. “ I stood there with my hand on a box of... ... middle of paper ... ...’s at this point Sammy decides he going to stick up for the girls. Sammy sticking up for these girls not only because he wants one to notice but because the girls represent the life he wants.Sammy while sticking up for the girls stops and thinks to himself what will he do after he quits. Sammy is afraid of what people would say about him and how it will be hard to move on and get any other jobs. In the end, Sammy does not regret his choice because he finally doing something he wants to do, getting some independence. When a reader really thinks about it going to be hard for Sammy to move on. This is 1960 not like the modern days where you can just go online and apply for more jobs. It almost as if Sammy used sticking up for the three girls as an excuse to quite a&p a job where he didn’t see a future in. Instead, he wanted the life the three girls represented.

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