A Nursing Career: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Nursing Career I choose nursing as a career is because I was a certified nurse assistant and I loved to help the residents, I enjoy caring for others. What stopped me for caring for others was my kidney disease. I could not care for others, because I needed someone to care for me. Consequently, this is why I am so passionate about helping others, because I know at first hand, what it feels like to be on the other side. January 2015, I received a kidney and I am doing great. I cannot wait to start a career caring for others. I feel everyone should receive the best care when they are unable to care for themselves and that’s what I plan to do. My goal has always been to become a nurse, and I feel I should complete this because I know I can. I want to learn and be effective at my job. I want to utilize my skills and knowledge. I want to grow and be as helpful in life as I can. Also, I want to help those that need help, to make them feel better. Through my care, I want them to know that there is a person in the world who cares about them. I feel that I can achieve this as a nurse and much more.
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As a nurse you have to be patient, kind and respectful of others. You need to show that you have the knowledge it takes to the lives of other into your own hands. Also, I want to help those that need help, to make them feel better. From me being a dialysis patient I know how you want to be treated and should be treated. You always treat a person they way you would want to be treated. Treating a person with respect goes a long
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