A Nurses's Role in Allaying Anxiety and Providing Relaxation

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In the data analysis section of the study, a combination of analyses were undertaken to address each of the study’s hypotheses. Powerful analytical methods controlled for confounding variables using the Chi-Squared test, Independent Sample t-test, and Witney U-test (Korhan et al., 2011). These analyses are performed to detect any significant differences in the baseline data that could skew results, and/ or flesh out confounding variable not originally considered during the intervention. In addition to analyses, appropriate statistical methods were implemented to ensure the comparison of variables across the groups. After conducting the Kolmogorox-Smirnov test, it was determined that no variables deviated away from the normal distribution; therefore, five different measures of analyses of variances were conducted on every variable measured in the hypotheses of the study (Korhan et al., 2011). To compare the differences between groups during the intervention period, Korhan et al. (2011) used the Bonferroni test to detect differences and interactions between time-intervals within each group.
Information regarding statistical significance was present related to the average physiological signs of anxiety in the experimental group compared with the control group. Additionally, information about statistically significances was presented using p-values. The use of p-values aids in the assessment of the study’s findings to determine whether the findings were statistically different or not statistically different compared to a reference value. However, the study did not have a confidence interval and/or effect size present in the reporting of the findings. In order for the study to determine whether the results matter as statist...

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...e nurse’s role in providing means to allaying anxiety and promoting relaxation in mechanical ventilated patients, making this study pertinent to the nursing practice (Korhan et al., 2011). Additionally, this study contributes meaningful evidence regarding the effectiveness of music therapy as a non-pharmacological intervention that can be implemented in the nursing practice. Although an in-depth evaluation of the study is needed, current evidence can be used to support non-pharmacological interventions as first-line therapies to alleviate anxiety among mechanically ventilated patients (Korhan et al., 2011).

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