A Number Of Religion Exist

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A number of religion exist in the utopia. They all are similar in that they believe in a single God, but the nature of the God is very different. Majority of the priest are men of the highest moral and religious caliber. It’s allowed that a woman could because a priest. Priest maintain the religious cantors, educate the children and praise good behavior while criticizing badly. Individuals can only attend services with clear conscience. At services all are attentive and incredibly respectful of the priests, and all commits a crime or in some fashion becomes corrupted, he or she would be exempt from judgment by the courts. The citizens of the utopia are free to worship as each sees fit. One of the mine things that they teach, is to keep their minds cheerful, free from passion and committed to happiness of others as well as to their own pleasure. Value system The values that are important to establish and maintain in the utopia would be religion, empathy, mutual respect and honesty. Religion is one element that connect the people. Empathy would be important because cannot coexist witho...

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