A Noval Approach For Interfacing Switches on Gloves With Pic Micro Controller Implementation

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Now a days there is a trend in using wireless keyboard and mouse. The wireless user interface technology is vast changing and many day to day objects are being transformed into user interface so that it can be easy for us. In this paper we propose a system which uses gloves for interacting with the personal computer. In addition to keyboard, mouse interface is also included in the Glove. To verify the proposal prototype is created. This proposes that when a person presses the switches on fingertip mouse movement also inputting character can be done. Key words: GLOVES, TACTILE SWITCHES, PIC MICROCONTROLLER,ZIGBEE,UART ---------------------------------------------------------------***----------------------------------------------------------- 1. INTRODUCTION Keyboard and mouse now provide the means of virtually all input. Use of other options than mouse or keyboard i.e. Grasping virtual objects, hand, head or body gesture, eye fixation tracking is becoming popular with the popularity of ubiquitous and ambient devices like digital TV, play stations. We will see more elderly people and fewer younger people as a process of huge demographic change. The older population will continue to grow significantly in the future. It is widely accepted that we need to address this issue through more research work. The research work includes the use of switches on fingertips and inputting in the form of ASCII codes, and involves the allocation of fingers properly. We find such application [1]. We also find another application which introduces a chording glove, provide a speed of 8.9±1.4 words/min, and requires a hard surface and practice to use it [3]. In another application, a data glove is developed by using sensor and generator coils to track... ... middle of paper ... ...entry glove interface device,” U.S. Patent 4 414 537, AT&T Bell Lab., Murray Hill, NJ,pages213-245, Nov. 2010. [18] J.J. LaViola, “A survey of hand posture and gesture recognition techniques and technology,” Brown Univ., Providence, RI, Tech. Rep.CS-99-11, Jun. 2009. [19]. T. S. Chou, A. Gadd, and D. Knott, “Hand-eye: A vision based approach to data glove calibration,” in Proc. Human Interface Technol.,pages. 2–7,2007. [20] H. Eglowstein, “Reach out and touch your data,” Byte, vol. 15, no. 7, pages. 283–290, Jul. 1990. [21] D. L. Gardner, “The Power Glove,” Des. News, vol. 45, pages. 63–68, Dec.1989. [22] M. Deller, A. Ebert, M. Bender, and H. Hagen, “Flexible gesture recognition for immersive virtual environments,” in Proc. Inf. Vis., 2006,pages. 563–568. [23] F. Hofmann and J. Henz, “The TU-Berlin SensorGlove,” Tech. Univ. Berlin, Berlin, Germany, Tech. Rep., 1995.

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