A New Look at Flagstaff

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A New Look at Flagstaff

Flagstaff has always been an exciting and interesting town to me. When I decided to go to college here, I wanted to go someplace with a fun outdoorsy atmosphere where there would always be new stuff to do. I think I have found the excitement and adventure I was looking for in the somewhat small and comfortable city of Flagstaff. Through my new experience and my time in Flagstaff, I have found myself to be a stronger and well rounded person.

When I found out the assignment of doing something new in Flagstaff, I was excited because it gave me a chance to make myself get out of my comfort zone and try something different. I first decided that I wanted to go hiking, but then decided it was too cold. By Sunday night, the weekend was almost over and I still hadn’t done anything totally different. So I decided to be bold and ask a new friend, Jim, from class if he wanted to go out and do something. At least I would be doing something with someone I don’t usually hang out with, so that would give me something to write about.

Jim and I decided we would go bowling, which I actually hadn’t done since I’ve been in Flagstaff. We got to the bowling alley and found that many people had the same idea of what to do on a Sunday night. The bowling lanes in Flagstaff are much different than the lanes in my home town. The lanes here are small and there are about 15 of them. There is also only one bowling alley in all of Flagstaff, which is weird because in my home town, we always have to choose between ten different places to go when we decide to go bowling. Since there were so many people at the lanes, the man told us it would be a two hour wait for a lane. So we decided not to wait, and to simply find something else to do.

Jim and I ended up going to the pool hall in town, which I didn’t even know existed.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that they have found the excitement and adventure they were looking for in the somewhat small and comfortable city of flagstaff.
  • Describes how they decided to be bold and ask a new friend, jim, from class if he wanted to go out and do something with someone they don't normally hang out with.
  • Explains that the bowling lanes in flagstaff are different from the ones in their home town. the man told them it would be a two-hour wait.
  • Narrates how jim and they went to the pool hall in town to learn to play pool. the hall was crowded and noisy, and the players were trying to beat each other.
  • Narrates how jim taught them to play a new game called nine ball that they had never played before. the media always shows pool halls as smoky and disgusting.
  • Explains that their overall experience in flagstaff has been good. they thought the town would be hard to find their way around, but they've found it to be very simple.
  • Explains that they chose flagstaff as the city where they wanted to go to school, because of the beautiful landscape. they love waking up in the morning and walking towards the mountains on their way to class.
  • Opines that they would love to make flagstaff their permanent home. the peaceful surroundings have helped them relax and focus on things that are important to them.
  • Opines that they never thought they would want to stay in flagstaff after college, but now they've found a part of home here and would love to make this their true home.
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