A New Life

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A New Life

After about eight years of my mother’s searching to replace the love once received from my father and my hopes of my parents getting back together, she fell in love with someone new, shattering all my hopes. Assuming this new love wanted to replace my father, I put up an emotional wall. Eventually, this wall crumbled down when I realized that my parents were happier apart than when they were together. Even though my mother and father no longer had a relationship, the one between my mother and me matured drastically. This occurred after I finally accepted that she, too, needed love, a love that her children alone could not give her.

After my parents divorced, my mother became lonely. Finally, she decided to start dating. My mother had never really dated before my parents got married, so it seemed rough at first. For the first time, my mother relied on me for approval. I took on the parental role and, therefore, terminated any unapproved relationships, since her date could end up as my new father. I finally decided to introduce her to one of my friend’s fathers of whom I did approve. I had no intention of them getting married. I just wanted her to date someone who would treat her right and I knew he would.

As time passed, they began to see more and more of each other and I noticed a drastic change in my mother’s attitude. She began acting like a teenager. She even got that giggle that girls get when they get a crush. I felt positively overjoyed at seeing my mother like this.

About two months after they began dating, she came home late one night and said she had a surprise for us. My sister and I continued to play our Nintendo game not thinking anything of the surprise she had mentioned. However, our game of computerized Monopoly came to a sudden end. I could not believe what I was hearing. After only two months of dating, my mother and Mike started talking about marriage. My mind went blank and I could not even get out congratulations. Apparently assuming I disapproved, my mother stormed out of the room, angered and hurt. She avoided me the next day, unsure of what to say to me.

The following day after school I remained in my room. My mother brought Mike over to talk with me.
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