A New Bird in the Sky

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Aviation has come a long way; most of us know the story of the Wright Brothers and what they have accomplished in the dawn of aviation, but do you know about the fascinating story of the Jet Age? The Jet Age is a period in the history of aviation defined by the advent of aircraft powered by turbine engines, and by the social change this brought about. The Jet Age as quench our thirst for speed and agility by penetrating the sound barrier. Military Aviation kicked off the Jet Age in 1944 with the Arado Ar 234 which was the world's first operational jet-powered bomber. Later in 1949, Civilian Aviation followed by introducing De Havilland Comet which was the first commercial jetliner in history. The Jet Age brought wonders to aviation that was never imagined. The Jet Age allows people from every social class to travel; the Jet Age makes accessing other countries easier, and the Jet Age gave The US Air Force a boost in The Korean and The Vietnam War. Initially, people from every social class were able to travel because of the Jet Age. Before the Jet Age, flying was only for the rich because airplanes were a lot smaller, and airlines could only accommodate a small number of passengers on board. According to The New York Times, “In 1958, fewer than 1 in 10 American adults had ever traveled in an airplane.” The middle and lower class just could not afford the luxury of flying, but the Jet Age Ushered in with a new found hope. The Boeing 707 which debut in October of 1958 could carry up to 189 passengers; this increase in capacity drastically lowered ticket cost because airlines could carry more passengers on one flight. Airlines also save money because the jet flies a lot higher where the air is thinner which conserves fuel. The Science... ... middle of paper ... ...r arsenal, so the Americans took full advantage of it and lured them in for a fight. The North Koreans took the bait and succumbed to the F86A Sabre. In the Vietnam War the F-4E Phantom (a new breed of jets) assisted the United States in rescuing Roger Locker, a down crew member, by eliminating enemy aircraft (Mig 19). In this battle the F-4E Phantom made history by scoring the first supersonic gun kill ever. The United States Air force had the power of jets at their disposal and it certainly aided in their superiority in the skies of the world. In summary, the Jet age has change life as we know it. We can travel to anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. Middle and lower class citizen are able to buy plane ticket with financial ease. The Jet Age has proven how intelligent and creative the human race is, and the Jet Age have definitely shape our modern society.
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