A New Anti Terror Law

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Naturally the Olympics draws an exorbitant number of spectators and athletes to the host city, which equates to more crime. Because of this the hosting nation must take security precautions in advance for possible security threats. One of the precautions includes a new anti-terror law, that was approved August 2005. Then the Olympic Decree was passed in February 2006 and brought “urgent measures to guarantee security during the Winter Olympic Games”(Bennett and Haggerty 142). Along with the Anti-terror law and the decree, the hard ring was also used. The purpose of the hard ring was to keep the enclosed area clean.This was done by security screening all goods, personnel and vehicles coming into the perimeter. There were venue security sweeps to make sure that each Olympic venue had no prohibited items. The Olympics approximately forces 2 million people into a city (Bennett 142). The objective of the hard ring and the security sweeps was to make sure things such as the Atlanta bombing did not occur. The hard ring provided a more secure and safe area. According to the National Security Division“ the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta is by far the largest games to date in which 2 million guests were brought to Georgia and 15,000 athletes competed”(National Security Division 4). At 1:20 a.m on July 27,1996 an unexpected event occurred. A pipe bomb exploded at Centennial Olympic Park. The local authorities received a phone call forewarning a threatening bombing at 12:58 a.m. However, this warning failed to allow the adequate amount of time to locate and deactivate the bomb. During this bombing a woman from Albany, Georgia was killed and a Turkish cameraman suffered a fatal heart attack. This blast injured a total of 112... ... middle of paper ... ...not be possible(qtd. in Kaiser). They are only at 49% of their clean up goal currently. While Mayor Eduardo Paes told CNN last June that “pollution does not pose any health risks for the athletes ”(qtd. Kaiser). On the other hand Moscatelli disagrees, he claims, “that sailing in the bay is like playing Russian roulette “(qtd. in Kaiser). He warns “that sailors run the risk of hitting anything from plastic bags to car bumpers, pieces of wood, tires and even furniture,”(qtd. Kaiser). He discusses how if the sailors fall into the water they may possibly be victims of gastrointestinal infections, mycoses, otitis or hepatitis. The fact that the pollution of the water could potentially affect those who get in the waters health is not a good sign for Rio. This shows that they may be unfit to handle the Olympics and the the preparation is ruining their city even further.

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